Going out of town? Let your pet campout with us! We have a great boarding program to keep your pet busy so they aren't missing you while you are away.

DOG Boarding

Dogs that get along with others can join the daycare playgroup during the day. The dogs that aren't so good with others still get outside time by getting rotated in a separate yard. All dogs go outside at least 4 times a day (usually more) but can also get rotated through one of our playrooms of toys so their mind stays busy during the day. All dogs are fed separately in their own kennel according to your instructions. We also give all medications (including insulin injections for diabetic pets) according to your instructions at no extra charge.

Dogs are den dwelling animals so they like a quiet place to call their own. We provide each pet with their own XL size kennel for bedtime. They are big enough for even the extra large dogs such as St. Bernard & Mastiff. Small dogs that live together can bunk together if it makes them more comfortable. You are welcome to bring a blanket, toy, or something that smells of home for their comfort. Each kennel is provided with a waterproof mat, food bowl, & a water bowl. For the dogs that aren't comfortable in kennels we do also provide other options.


Cats & other small animals get to have a separate room from the dogs. Although most cats are not as social with each other as dogs they are still provided with the love and attention to make them feel more at home. Each one is provided with an XL kennel, waterproof mat, food bowl, & water bowl but can also get the chance to explore the upstairs individually during the day if they would like. We do ask that you bring the cats their own litter box & litter and a cage/supplies for the small animals.

Dogs must be current on all vaccines including DHLPP, Rabies, & Bordetella.
Cats must be current on all vaccines including Feline Leukemia, DRCC, & Rabies.