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Basic Obedience

The Basic Obedience Class lays a foundation for the relationship between you and your dog. This class is open to puppies as young as three months old as well as adult dogs. This class is offered as private training first and after 4-6 weeks then can be done in a group setting. It can be scheduled once a week based on your convenience. Each class is scheduled for a half hour for private training or an hour for group training. Once in the group class your dog is welcome to attend as long as you feel like they need the practice. Your dog must have completed 3 group classes to earn their diploma. 

During these classes your dog will learn voice commands and hand signals including:

In addition, this class focuses on personalized behavioral problems such as jumping up, aggression, etc. Join us today and get your dog on the path to a happy, obedient life.

Basic Obedience also includes access to a large, fenced, exercise yard with a full course of agility equipment. Ask about our multiple pet and Humane Society discounts!